Access World To Develop Third Party Logistics (3PL) Facility In Dubai

April 4, 2018

Access world floorAccess World operate a network of over 100 warehouses in more than 25 locations encompassing Europe and Middle East, America, Africa and Asia, providing a range of services, including but not limited to cargo-handling, storage, freight-forwarding, customs-clearance, weighing, re-packing / processing and collateral management for commodities, and a wide range of general goods.

Access World Logistics, a joint venture with UAE based Rais Hassan Saadi (RHS), a shipping and freight related service provider, have begun to develop the multi-product warehousing facility in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. This is scheduled to be commissioned during 2nd quarter 2018.

The development is being constructed at a strategically located plot of 40,000m2. This includes a contemporary warehouse storage with Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking systems covering 15,000m2 of floor space, featuring 39 aisles at 67m long. Face Middle East FZC were commissioned by Al Avon Contracting to design, survey and test the warehouse storage.

Our Approach

Access world wide bay starter panelFor the floor design, the ‘wide bay’ method was adopted. This entails installing a ‘starter’ panel of around 9m in width at the building / chamber perimeters, then infilling the space between with a number of formed panels of around 12-14m in width, to the full length of the racking. This gives the Flooring Contractor reachable access to the panel from both sides during casting, so extra work can be carried out with the bull float to allow an enhanced control over the slab levels during construction and a better flatness at ‘first hit’, all whilst maintaining superior output over the long-strip method. As well as benefits to the build programme, the ‘wide bay’ method goes some way towards significantly reducing the overall amount of grinding required to meet the desired flatness classification.

The floor flatness within the aisles is DM2 classification, as per Table 3.2 of TR34 – 4th Edition, whilst all transfer areas are FM2 classification to Table 3.1. Once the racking is installed, CoGri Middle East will Laser Grind using the Laser Grinder system. This is a very accurate method of controlled remedial grinding; the process is dust free and gives guaranteed results.

Tom Hanks, Face Middle East FZC General Manager said “We have worked on many projects with Al Avon Contracting over the past eight years. Not only do they lay good quality floors, they always come to Face Middle East FZC to design the floor slabs on their high tolerance industrial design and build projects. Once the project is underway we will then go back to the site to oversee the construction, ensure quality and compliance to the floor design. The design of any floor here in the Middle East will be provided by our design team in the UK and is covered under the Face global PI insurance policy, giving ultimate protection to the Client with GBP 5 million cover for 10 years”.

Expert Advice

wide bay floorThe Laser Screed / Laser Grind approach offers the benefit of a faster build programme when compared to the traditional long strip method. The floor is constructed to a high level of compliance with the relevant flatness specification. The Laser Grinding is then undertaken off critical path for the overall project and can be completed before, during or after racking is installed.

During the construction process, Face Middle East monitor all aspects of the site activity to ensure that all variables are controlled.

These can include:

  • Sub base level
  • Formwork position, alignment and level
  • Steel mesh placement, lap and fixation
  • Slip membrane placement and fixation
  • Concrete delivery time, slump, temperature, discharge start and stop times
  • Levels achieved by and laser guided construction equipment
  • Ensuring best working practices are observed
  • Concrete setting times
  • Finishing / power trowel working practices
  • Curing regime
  • Saw cutting of control joints, depth, position and timing
  • Flatness testing of previous days slab to monitor what is being achieved

This all reduces the amount of grinding required and ensures that a top-quality floor slab is produced.

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